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Our Team


Deepan Kamaraj, MD, PhD

CEO, Co-Founder, Physician scientist

Deepan is a trained physician currently completing his doctoral education. He is well versed in the provision of assistive technology interventions for people with disabilities and has over 10 years of expertise in clinical care for people with disabilities in both developed and developing countries. Having worked as a Medical
Director for a 40-bed community hospital in India for over three years, he is well versed with hospital management, and has keen insights in to the implementation of disruptive digital healthcare solutions.


Kalai Tsang, PhD

COO, Co-Founder, Data scientist

Kalai is also the primary inventor of the algorithms that were licensed from the University. She is a biomedical engineer with expertise in medical device development and machine learning. Her doctoral work involved using wearable sensors for physical activity measurement and promotion in MWUs. She also has prior experience launching new consumer products nationally and internationally from working in a global healthcare company.

  • The Board of Advisors comprise of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and executives from the wheelchair industry in the United States, with over 25 years of combined experience designing, manufacturing, and providing products for manual wheelchair users.